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Seven years ago, my family had moved to a new rental and we were not feeling well (my memory lapses in the exact symptoms).  A friend mentioned to me that reverse osmosis helped her when she wasn't feeling well. We contacted Abel and he set us up with the reverse osmosis system.  Our health improved and when we bought our own home, 5 years ago, we brought the reverse osmosis system with us and installed it in our new home.  We are on a well system and even though the well tested fine at the time, we wanted to continue using the reverse osmosis system.  It has come to be a concern in our community about our well water and I have heard a few of our neighbors have recently installed reverse osmosis systems.  I would highly recommend investing in a reverse osmosis system.  Each year when I call Abel to change out our filters, he is able to schedule an appointment in a timely manner.  I highly recommend AWS.

--Gina L., Watsonville, CA



I've worked with this company in installing filtration units, faucets, heaters, chillers, etc. throughout a new home build job.  They have been wonderful.  The products are top notch, the service is excellent, and they have been eager to make any problem corrected.  I highly recommend them for any type of water filtration needs.

--Jay O., Rockwall, TX


Abel at AWS was helpful and friendly with figuring out my reverse osmosis water systems.  I have bought parts and buy my filters from AWS now and would buy a water filtration system from them if I had to start again.

-- Tess A., Woodside, CA


I got a water softener and RO unit from Advanced Water Systems back in the early 90's, and I have recommended Advanced Water Systems to lots of folks over the years.  Great service, great people - give 'em a call!

--Sebastian F., Capitola, CA