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Upflow neutralizers use similar filter media as our standard neutralizer filters, but instead of a downward flow of water, as with our acid neutralizers, the water flows up through the filter media. These systems are not backwashed, and the media does not filter sediment. Our acid neutralizers also act as filters, removing sediment and oxidized iron particles. By periodically backwashing the filters, the sediment is discharged to drain. Backwashing also serves to clean and to re-classify the filter media. If you really want an upflow filter, we can supply you with the materials to put your own one together. In some cases, if the water is very clean, and there is no power available, we do recommend upflow neutralizers, but in most cases the automatic acid neutralizing filters work much and are much less trouble than an upflow neutralizer, in our experience.

Please contact us for pricing and information on custom up-flow neutralizers if you require this type of system.

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